Watch the DX, not the Spots
DxCandy lists the Calls being spotted.
See the individual Spots only when you want them.

The ‘DxCandy Selection’ are suggestions of DXcalls for your attention. These seem to be the ‘most interesting’ at this time.

Share a geographic view. If your neighbours are spotting DX, you can probably work it too. [Experimental, EU]

Within seconds of arriving you know...

  • overall conditions on HF
  • if individual bands are buzzing or quiet
  • what part of the world is open
  • all DXcalls being spotted
  •  DXcalls getting most attention
  • DXcalls cq cq cqing NOW

Stay for a few minutes...
  • watch the DxCandy Selection
    • variable time-window, wider when quiet
    • direct links to articles on DXNews
  • notice the default 'held' call, see the Spots
  • 'Ionosperic foF2' from researchers around the globe
  • pick up some Tips (sequenced + random)
Now you are settled...
  • explore detailed support text - see  i 
  • pick a DXcall, click-to-hold
    • see all the spots, take in the comments
    • visit related Articles, follow prepared Searches
  • set 'watchfor' on specific DXcalls (full/partial text)
  • set 'watchfor' on text in Comments, across all Spots
  • slow ticker (MUF, DXpeds, Newsletters, other sites)
  • email me with some feedback
Occasional glances to catch the visual alerts...
  • 'watchfor' hits ( latest / a few mins ago)
  • activity on 10/12/15M band
  • dark shaded, any CQers
  • keep checking the DxCandy Selection Be ready to pounce!