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HF CW DX-Cluster Spot Aggregation, Analysis and Selection
A list of Spots changes so quickly, it can be hard to follow.
DxCandy lists the DX Calls, you click for the Spots.
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1. Click-to-Hold
one of these
recently spotted DX‑Calls
Highlight the DX-Calls that match your search string.
prefix / maincall / suffix
x/   x*   X   *x    /x
x/ - exact match Prefix
x* - match start Main
X  - exact match Main
*x - match end Main
/x - exact match Suffix
x/X = any characters
* / required, unless 'X'
'c3/' temp operations Andorra
'5a*' Libyan home calls
'3y0z' Bouvet Isl DxPed 2018
'*rac' VE1RAC,VY2RAC,VO2RAC...
'/mm' Maritime Mobiles
~xxx   (tilde) matches comments

call x/ x* X *x /x    comm ~xxx

2. Click-to-Hold a DX‑Call
from this Selection by DxCandy
Spotted from NW Europe...
[UK 6M - quiet]
none Selected.
Also active ...
none Selected
Published weekly as a free service of the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club.
171227 2122z
3. Info and Spotters for the DX‑Call that you Clicked-to-Hold (in col1 or col2)
OR a default.



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