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Italy  [DXCC:248]

10116.0    II4MXW
cq ciao!.
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Ohio/Penn Newsletter #1345 (December 25, 2017)
Editor - Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW

II4, ITALY (Amateur Radio Award about Science Milestones in History of Radio). The A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club (A.R.I. Italian Amateur Radio Association, IARU affiliated), organizes an Amateur Radio Award that has as its main objective the dissemination of knowledge along with hitorical - biographical knowledge of the main scientists who have given a fundamental contribution to the discoveries and to the development of scientific knowledge, both theoretical and technical, in the field of Physics, Electro- logy, Magnetism and Radiotechnics. These pioneers have laid the cultural and scientific foundations and started the complex process of innovation that has subsequently made possible the development and the future realiz- ation of the "Miracle of Radio", at the level of complexity and perfection that has reached today. The initiative aims to activate internationally, throughout the year 2018, twelve commemorative radio stations with special callsigns which will alternate in turn throughout the year: each month is associated with a SPECIAL CALLSIGN, dedicated to a specific scientist: MONTH SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE STATION SCIENTIST -------- ----------------------------- ---------------- JANUARY II4MXW JAMES CLERK MAXWELL FEBRUARY II4HRZ HEINRICH RUDOLF HERTZ MARCH II4CAO TEMISTOCLE CALZECCHI ONESTI APRIL II4MAR GUGLIELMO MARCONI MAY II4TES NIKOLA TESLA JUNE II4AMP ANDRE' MARIE AMPERE JULY II4COU AUGUSTIN DE COULOMB AUGUST II4VOL ALESSANDRO VOLTA SEPTEMBER II4LNZ HEINRICH LENZ OCTOBER II4OER HANS CHRISTIAN OERSTED NOVEMBER II4HNR JOSEPH HENRY DECEMBER II4FRD MICHAEL FARADAY
(180716 1008)
de  OPDX  2018-01-17 1008z
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