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HF CW DX-Cluster Spot Aggregation, Analysis and Selection
A list of Spots changes so quickly, it can be hard to follow.
DxCandy lists the DX Calls, you click for the Spots.
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1. Click-to-Hold
one of these
recently spotted DX‑Calls

call x/ x* X *x /x    comm ~xxx

2. Click-to-Hold a DX‑Call
from this Selection by DxCandy
These are the 'Sweet Spots'
- the most interesting items.

DX‑Calls are listed by the HHMM of the last spot, most recent at the top. So, the list usually changes every time the data is refreshed.

HOVER over a DX‑Call to see a pop-up list of spots.

If you want to keep your eye on a particular Call, CLICK to hold it in the window to the right →

direct link to article -
 - how many spots
3. Info and Spotters for the DX‑Call that you Clicked-to-Hold (in col1 or col2)
OR a default.

Click on a DX‑Call (col1, or from the Selections list in col2) to hold that Call here.

Other columns can show different DX‑Calls on each refresh, but this column "holds" a clicked DX‑Call and just updates the list of Spots for it.

If you do not click any DX‑Call, it will hold the most recent DX‑Call from the Selection (i.e. the one at the top of col2). This might change often. To stop holding your clicked DX‑Call, click the 'UN‑HOLD' bar (to the right of the callsign).

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