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HF CW DX-Cluster Spot Aggregation, Analysis and Selection
A list of Spots changes so quickly, it can be hard to follow.
DxCandy lists the DX Calls, you click for the Spots.
   (much more) 
1. Click-to-Hold
one of these
recently spotted DX‑Calls
Highlight the DX-Calls that match your search string.
prefix / maincall / suffix
x/   x*   X   *x    /x
x/ - exact match Prefix
x* - match start Main
X  - exact match Main
*x - match end Main
/x - exact match Suffix
x/X = any characters
* / required, unless 'X'
'c3/' temp operations Andorra
'5a*' Libyan home calls
'3y0z' Bouvet Isl DxPed 2018
'*rac' VE1RAC,VY2RAC,VO2RAC...
'/mm' Maritime Mobiles
~xxx   (tilde) matches comments

call x/ x* X *x /x    comm ~xxx

2. Click-to-Hold a DX‑Call
from this Selection by DxCandy
The Mediterraneo DX Club promotes and supports DX operations in countries and islands having limited or no amateur radio activity.
3. Info and Spotters for the DX‑Call that you Clicked-to-Hold (in col1 or col2)
OR a default.



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