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HF CW DX-Cluster Spot Aggregation, Analysis and Selection
A list of Spots changes so quickly, it can be hard to follow.
DxCandy lists the DX Calls, you click for the Spots.
   (much more) 
1. Click-to-Hold
one of these
recently spotted DX‑Calls
The LATEST spot
for each DX‑Call.
Click one to Hold it in col3.

This is NOT the usual list of all spots that most DX‑Cluster displays show you. DxCandy lists the DX‑Calls that are being spotted (i.e. each DX‑Call is only shown once) but hides all the individual Spots until you want to see them.
You can see the Spots by HOVERing over the DX‑Call (OR by clicking the DX‑Call to 'hold' it in col3).
If there are more than 10 DX‑Calls, DxCandy makes a Selection of the 'most interesting', in col2.


call x/ x* X *x /x    comm ~xxx

2. Click-to-Hold a DX‑Call
from this Selection by DxCandy
Spotted from NW Europe...
[UK 6M - quiet]
none Selected.
Also active ...
none Selected
3. Info and Spotters for the DX‑Call that you Clicked-to-Hold (in col1 or col2)
OR a default.



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